Mortgage for expats

Buying a house is a big step that involves a lot, especially when you are going to live abroad. You may not be familiar with local regulations and you do not want to worry about financing your new home. That is why it is important to think about it well in advance and seek independent advice.

How much are you eligable for? How much own contribution do you need? What monthly costs are you able and willing to bear? What should you pay attention to during the buying process? Are you eligible for NHG (National Mortgage Guarantee)? We guide you from start to finish and stand beside you with practical advice throughout the process. This way, you are not alone and the financial side is well taken care of!

Personal advice

Buying your first property abroad is a big step and every situation is different. That is why we map out your wishes and possibilities together. We will give you personal advice and assist you where necessary.

Tailor-made mortgage

As a starter in the housing market, there are several solutions for employees as well as entrepreneurs. Together, we will find the best mortgage for you.

Extra service

As a mortgage broker, we go the extra mile. Because we want you to buy your first home with a secure and good feeling. Your personal adviser is there for you throughout the process.
We can also assist you with finding the right help for screening the purchase agreement, insurances, filing your taxes, and practical matters like gas, electricity and water etc.

Explanation of mortgage types

Linear mortgage

With a linear mortgage, your monthly payments decrease each month.
The advantages:
- Your monthly costs get slightly lower after each month
- You repay the mortgage debt faster
- Full repayment on the mortgage debt

Annuity mortgage

With an annuity mortgage, your monthly expenses remain the same.
The advantages:
- Equal gross monthly costs during the fixed-interest period
- Increasing repayment
- Full repayment on the mortgage debt

Interest-only mortgage

With an interest-only mortgage, you only pay interest charges and repay when you sell your home.
The advantages:
- Only interest charges, no repayment
- Flexible repayment

Other mortgage types

Other mortgage types include:
- Savings mortgage
- Investor mortgage

Meet your personal mortgage consultant, Erwin Berghuis 

Our expat consultant has a lot of specialized experience and is always up to date with the latest developments. He clearly maps out your options and explains them in understandable language.
Do you still have a question? Or do you have doubts about something after the conversation? He is always at your service and happy to answer all your questions.

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